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Conroy Reynolds writes an excellent example of unrestrained hope in God in the Night. All of us will face adversity, suffering times of darkness. How do we get through when the pain seemingly never ceases? Held within these pages is an in-depth, personal understanding of the quest through the darkness of night. God in the Night walks you through the weeping, pain, and silent isolation of the night into the morning’s dawn of restoration and resolution. The narrative examines the lives of biblical heroes who endured spiritual devastation and rejection. These stories hold spiritual principles that will help you grow through life’s most difficult times. Not only is it a guide for study, but also a source of personal reflection, asking pivotal questions that quicken your soul to respond. After the time of self-reflection, Reynolds includes focused prayers regarding personal issues. God in the Night reveals the inspirational truth; “spiritual pain is often the catalyst for spiritual growth.” If we can get beyond the pain, there is so much to gain.
Cheryl Rodriguez
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God in the Night: How to Get Through What You Can’t Get Over by Conroy Reynolds PhD contains critical strategies to assist each of us survive when life throws a curve ball. Written in layperson language, the book takes you step-by-step into a world of understanding and managing our responses, rather than allowing any given negative or traumatic situation to control us and our emotions. Conroy Reynolds explains physical and spiritual ‘night and day’ occurrences that can leave us depleted of energy, as well as depressed and anxious. He reveals the reasons we ‘freeze’ in certain situations, and why we are then unable to see the ‘wood for the trees;’ stealing away our power to resolve the challenge with which we are presented. When life is good, when our life is being lived in the ‘light,’ we have a tendency to ignore our inner selves, which naturally leaves us vulnerable and wanting mentally and spiritually when trouble or problems come along. He gives written exercises that help to target any inner conflicts or dark areas, along with deeply meaningful prayers intended to be cathartic – mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – helping us to move on and live life to the fullest. I loved the exercises. They caused me to reflect and analyze any dark, or night, areas in my psyche; then gave a course of action to overcome or negate them. The prayers are beautifully presented, covering every thought or desire we might have within our hearts, minds, and bodies. A thoroughly evocative book. I found it easy to read and understand, while professional and supportive in its advice.
Patricia Day
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God in the Night is a book on dealing with feelings of grief, depression, anger, resentment and other types of pain we encounter in life. The author is Conroy Reynolds, PhD. God in the Night has written in a direct, straightforward style that gets straight to the point. There are many people struggling with overwhelming problems in this postmodern world so it’s easy to see the need for a book like this. I think someone to talk to, a priest, a therapist, or a wise friend helps most in times of trouble, but sometimes we can’t reach out or for some reason a counselor just isn’t available. That is when a book such as God in the Night becomes priceless. And make no mistake, we all go through difficult times. We all occasionally need a source of guidance and strength.

God in the Night is a relatively small book, but it is packed with a lot of wisdom taken straight from the Bible. Conroy takes Bible stories that most of us are familiar with and points out how heroes of the Bible overcame difficult “Nights” in their lives. Night here being a metaphor for guilt, grief, despair, desolation, and depression. Jacob wrestling with the angel, Joseph and the coat of many colors, Ruth and Naomi, and John the Baptist are just a few of the stories explained and used to teach us how to heal ourselves. If you are a Christian, the stories this will be familiar but the discussion is insightful and inspiring. If you are not a Christian, it will be refreshing and maybe even lifesaving.

Ray Simmons
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