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Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

Welcome to Coaching the Spirit! I received my doctorate in Marriage and Family therapy from Loma Linda University of Loma Linda CA. Both my doctoral training program and clinical training were accredited by American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. I am also a Board Certified Mental Health Chaplain by the Association of Professional Chaplains. Therefore I have specialized education and training in working with religious and spiritual issues in counseling/coaching. I continue to research and teach courses on spirituality and health, particularly mental health. As a Spiritual Counselor/Coach I utilize a variety of strategies and techniques to aid clients deepen their relationship with God, experience freedom through forgiveness, foster healing, growth and well-being, and achieve their goals in every area of life. Life Coaching can be done with anyone in any part of the world.

The Philosophy of Coaching the Spirit is that every person is a spiritual being and is capable of experiencing optimal health, personal fulfillment in relationships and success in their chosen vocation. I recognize spirituality as the core of human existence and the essential component of a meaningful and significant life. Thus we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; but spiritual beings having a human experience (Teilhard deChardin). I define spirituality as a relationship with God. The goal of Coaching the Spirit is to help clients develop a healthy growing, mature relationship with God as the foundation of emotional, physical, mental and relational health.

An immature relationship with God is self-centered while a mature faith is God centered. A mature Christian faith engages in a relationship with God for its own sake. The spiritually mature does not believe in order to get blessings but loves God because he/she comes to know God as love and the closer we get to God the more we appreciate God for who he is. Such a faith maintains the relationship even in disappointment and pain. To be in connection with pure love is enough, nothing more is needed. On the other hand an immature relationship with God remains self-centered and if God fails in providing some benefit immature faith is transformed into fear, resentment and shame. This is not to say that mature faith is perfect but it is growing and open to spiritual insight.

Spiritual life coaching begins with a spiritual assessment to determine the nature of the client’s faith journey and develops interventions designed to prompt spiritual insight and growth towards a mature and vibrant faith capable of supporting a healthy balance in all other dimensions of life. A healthy relationship with God supports healthy relationship with marital partners, greater overall well-being, healthy outlook in life, greater motivation to move forward toward goals, ability to bounce back from life’s disappointments, greater ability to cope with the stress and strains of life, and protects against depression, fear and anxiety.


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