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Beyond the Vows: 7 Spiritual Practices for Relationship Happiness

Studies show that a healthy relationship with God has direct benefits for our other close relationships. This is not surprising since we also know that we are relational creatures by nature. Our important relationships create us into who we are now and often dictate the quality of lives as we develop through our lifespan. But how relational are you? Do you find it easy or hard to practice behaviors that build and maintain healthy, deeply intimate relationships with self, significant others and God?

This seminar draws on spiritual, relational and emotional principles to develop clear practices to help us achieve the kind of relationships we all want. This seminar addresses fundamental questions such as: what makes some people more relational than others? Why are some of us easier to live with than others? How can I feel more secure and closely connected in my personal relationships? How do I recognize and resolve my “trust issues?”

This is not another list of tips and suggestions but a personal journey of deliverance from spiritual, emotional and mental roadblocks to greater intimacy and togetherness in all relationships.


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