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God in the Night How to get through what you can’t get over
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Conroy Reynolds Author, Speaker, Counselor/ Coach

Conroy Reynolds writes an excellent example of unrestrained hope in God in the Night. All of us will face adversity, suffering times of darkness. How do we get through when the pain seemingly never ceases? Held within these pages is an in-depth, personal understanding of the quest through the darkness of night. God in the Night walks you through the weeping, pain, and silent isolation of the night into the morning’s dawn of restoration and resolution. The narrative examines the lives of biblical heroes who endured spiritual devastation and rejection. These stories hold spiritual principles that will help you grow through life’s most difficult times. Not only is it a guide for study, but also a source of personal reflection, asking pivotal questions that quicken your soul to respond. After the time of self reflection, Reynolds includes focused prayers regarding personal issues. God in the Night reveals the inspirational truth; “spiritual pain is often the catalyst for spiritual growth.” If we can get beyond the pain, there is so much to gain.


I love reviewing books, especially when they benefit my soul and promote personal growth. God in the Night is one of these rare finds. God in the Night is a treasure chest full of golden nuggets of truth, gems of revelation, silver coated words purified and purged by refining fire, and sparkling penetrating principles that chisel into the hardest of hearts. Reynolds uses metaphors, highlights the symbolism hidden within the Word, and uses clever enticing chapter titles to enlighten the reader’s soul. The figurative language paints vivid pictures of emotional pain. Reynolds’ exceptional writing technique is the glue that binds the pages together. Life is a journey. Our pathway through it has bumps, pot holes, blind corners, no pass zones, detours and stop signs that test our resolve. At times we are lost, traveling in the darkness, beseeching the light to appear and point the way. The night always relinquishes itself to the morning. Moreover, the night is the path we must travel to enter the dawn. God in the Night helps you discover yourself in the midst of your spiritual distress. It encourages you to find the gift that is hidden inside your despair, and that gift is a stronger and wiser you.




Preaching and Teaching the Word

As a Minister I have over three decades preaching and teaching; to this I have added graduate training, research and clinical training to develop an approach that truly addresses the vital questions affecting our relationship with ourselves, God and others, particularly those closest to us. I have listed and described some of the programs on this page. Each seminar can be configured in order to meet particular situations and requirements. They are frequently accompanied by a sermon at worship services or spread out over an entire day or weekend. Seminars and workshops are complete with participant workbooks and other helpful materials.

Life with God: How to enjoy your Christian experience through all the stages of life 

Every Season of life requires major changes. For example, the apostle Paul points out, “When we were children, we thought and reasoned as children do. But when we grew up, we quit our childish ways.” (1 Cor 13:11 CEV)

The critical question is do we follow God differently as we develop though life? Are there differences in the way a child follows God and the way an adult does? If so does it help us to understand why? Most importantly does this knowledge help us to grow deeper and stronger in our relationship with God at the various stages and situations of life?

These are some of the questions this seminar is intended to answer. As Christians we are taught that if we pray, study the word and share our faith then our relationship with God will grow stronger. But is that all there is to it? This presentation will show that our experiences at different stages of life will also have a major impact on how we pray, how we understand the bible and therefore what type of relationship we will have with God. I am convinced that these insights can become the basis for a vibrant and enjoyable Christian experience at every stage of life. For this seminar, I draw on Biblical Spirituality, Lifespan theory and human experiences to explore these vital questions.

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How to Bear Your Burdens Lightly 

All of us as Christians often have burdens to bear and sometimes these burdens can be almost too heavy. At the same the promise of Jesus is that for those who follow him, their yoke will be easy and the burden will be light. But “how can the burden be light if the suffering is heavy?” The question was posed by the great Danish Christian writer of the nineteenth century Soren Kierkegaard. The presentations in this seminar are biblically based but also draw on the rich tradition of Christian spiritual writings and contemporary research to help Christians answer this vital question. Many Christians have found new joy and freedom through learning to carry their burdens lightly.


Six Practical Sessions for Becoming a More Forgiving Persons

This seminar is based on the work of Dr. Everette Worthington Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and my many years of work helping persons find freedom in forgiveness. Research in Forgiveness has blossomed over the past decade however; there is a significant gap between research and individual knowledge and practice. Even more important Christian forgiveness is biblically based and differs in some respects to what may be called secular forgiveness. Professor Worthington is a Christian Psychologist whose REACH model of forgiveness is supported by years of research and has been found to be effective for thousands of individuals and Christian congregations nationally and internationally. He and his colleagues have published ten scientific studies that support the effectiveness or the method to REACH forgiveness. Many other investigations are underway in Worthington’s lab and the labs of others. The model has also been discussed at major scientific conferences; in magazines like People magazine, O magazine, Redbook, Reader’s Digest Canada, virtually every major US newspaper, television shows (like Good Morning America, The Jane Pauley Show, The Leeza Show, The Iyanla Show, Starting Over, the 700 Club, CNN). This weekend seminar brings the benefits of this work to participants who “have been hurt, wounded or offended by a hard-to-handle transgression, want to forgive, have tried to forgive, but have not been able to forgive.” The sessions will teach members how to REACH an experience of emotional forgiveness by working with a particular hurt.

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How to Get through when you can’t get over 

Are you struggling with unresolved issues? In my experience many of us as Christians do. This seminar combines spiritual, biblical and psychological insights to explore and explain how God guides us through the difficult times of life. I utilize specific examples from scripture, history and contemporary life to help seminar participants examine their spiritual and emotional struggles; determine how it is affecting their relationship with God; and evaluating its impact on their mental and emotional health. I provide specific exercises that if practiced will develop inner strength, deepen relationship with God and give greater insight into their struggles. This results in spiritual reflection and growth, a brighter faith and greater security in Christ.

Beyond the Vows: 7 Spiritual Practices for Relationship Happiness 

Studies show that a healthy relationship with God has direct benefits for our other close relationships. This is not surprising since we also know that we are relational creatures by nature. Our important relationships create us into who we are now and often dictate the quality of lives as we develop through our lifespan. But how relational are you? Do you find it easy or hard to practice behaviors that build and maintain healthy, deeply intimate relationships with self, significant others and God?

This seminar draws on spiritual, relational and emotional principles to develop clear practices to help us achieve the kind of relationships we all want. This seminar addresses fundamental questions such as: what makes some people more relational than others? Why are some of us easier to live with than others? How can I feel more secure and closely connected in my personal relationships? How do I recognize and resolve my “trust issues?”

This is not another list of tips and suggestions but a personal journey of deliverance from spiritual, emotional and mental roadblocks to greater intimacy and togetherness in all relationships.

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