God in the Night How to get through what you can't get over

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From Pain to Transformation: Everything Begins with Darkness!

Conroy Reynolds, PhD
Conroy Reynolds PhD, Speaker, Author, Teacher

The Movie of Your Life

In the movie, “The Never Ending Story,”the scourge of nothing has taken over Fantasia. The boy discovers the story he had been reading has been about his own loss of meaning perhaps triggered by the pain of his mother’s death and his father’s neglect. Fantasia was really his inner world. Finally he stands face to face with the Princess of Fantasia, but the world had been laid waste and it seems all is lost. The Princess smilingly tells the disappointed boy he is the key to rebuilding Fantasia since it is really his own inner world. The boy cries out in an anguished voice, “but it is so dark!” The Princess replies, “Everything begins with darkness.” She then places a tiny droplet of light in the palm of his hand that becomes the spark for the recreation of Fantasia, his inner life. This dynamic tension of darkness representing ending and beginning is the basis for the spiritual principle, spiritual pain is necessary for spiritual growth.

The Beginning is in the End 

Fundamentally, darkness or the inability to see represents lack of spiritual knowledge while the light represents the entrance of spiritual insight. Darkness is a time when visions fail, and God seems not to answer prayer (Micah 3:6, 7). But paradoxically night is also regenerative, transformative and instructive. The darkness of physical night is a critical component of restful sleep which gives the body time to regenerate and grow. The pre-creation primeval night was transformed into the cosmos of a new created order and the inactivity and stillness of spiritual darkness provides opportunity for learning and growth. Thus although night is seen in contrast to day, yet it is also the first part of and preparation for the day and just as light shines out of darkness, day emerges out of night.